A high foaming low pH shampoo with a tropical fresh scent provides lubricity to ensure maximum cloth life in friction tunnel car washes. Economical high foaming formulation allows for complete coverage of the vehicle surface. The low pH formulation helps clean medium duty compound for use on base coat/clear coat paint systems. Removes 1000-2000# wet sand scratches medium oxidation cobwebs blemishes water spots and more. Leaves a clean glossy surface ready for polishing or final finishing. Safe for all types of paint finishes. Sweet cherry fragrance.CONTAINS NO WAX OR SILICONE. Follow with a PRO Polish or Wax to increase gloss and protection. VOC COMPLIANT. Meets CARB/OTC Regulations. exterior gel dressing for use on tires trim and bumpers. Revitalizes rubber vinyl and plastic surfaces while leaving a rich high gloss shine. The super thick gel formula wipes on clear and lays down immediately. Dries to a water repellant non-tacky finish. Contains UV inhibitors. Safe for all rubber vinyl and plastic. KOOKABERRY™ fragrance.contains no voc's. Available in quart size. VOC COMPLIANT. Meets CARB/OTC Regulations.
Manufacturer: Armor All
Please contact the Howco Sales Department to purchase. We can advise you on the best products and equipment for your specific car wash needs.

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