A concentrated liquid polymer sealant designed for use in touchfree tunnel and self-serve wash applications.Dilution Ratio 400:1Recommended Usage (mLs) 15
Manufacturer: Turtle Wax
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A concentrated liquid polymer sealant designed for use in touchfree, tunnel, and self-serve wash applications. Proprietary cationic silicone polymer technology bonds to all automobile surfaces to enhance the gloss of the car's finish. The synthetic polymer technology also enhances the shine of black plastic and trim commonly found on mirrors, cowlings, bumpers, lower rocker panels; and door handles and door molding. Silicone polymers help protect the automobile surface from the harmful effects of rain, bugs, salt and road film. A proprietary blend of synthetic polymers repels water and dirt while enhancing the drying effect. Ultra violet light absorbing chemistry helps protect the automobile surface from the damaging effects of sunlight. A blend of hydrophobic additives and silicone polymers instantly bond to exterior automobile surfaces. This hydrophobic polymer technology enhances water beading, improves foul weather visibility, and eases next-time cleaning. ICE INSTANT SHINE has been specifically designed for use on today's clear coat finishes and is safe for all car finishes.

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