BW-85-C ELIMINATOR™ (curved waffle finishing pad)

Soft blue material is designed for finishingCurved waffle construction ensures maximum coverage with superior ventingReticulated foam composite resists tearing or chunkingQuick change Velcro mount1 1/2" thick for longer pad life8 1/2" Diameter paint finish roughness fallout acid rain deposits rail dust brake dust. Scratching may occur on dark colored vehicles. S-74 Wipeout Showroom Spray Wax is recommended as a lubricating fluid for use with CLAY AWAY3. CONTAINS NO WAX OR SILICONE. Body Shop Safe. voc compliant.
Manufacturer: BAF/PRO®
Please contact the Howco Sales Department to purchase. We can advise you on the best products and equipment for your specific car wash needs.

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